Bed Bug Treatment

The banning of pesticides containing DDT has led to an explosion of bed bugs in the Central Valley.
The bugs do not require unclean conditions; they just require a source of human blood to thrive and multiply.
The number of bedbugs in Modesto has also been increasing since the city is a popular destination
for travelers.

Signs of Bed Bugs

Signs of a bed bug infestation include spots of dried blood on sheets and bug fecal matter stains in hidden
areas around the bed. A cluster of yellow eggs around the headboard or bed frame also indicates a bed
bug problem. Householders who suspect an infestation can plate a white sheet on the bed and examine it
for blood stains the bugs leave after biting. The bites usually occur on the shoulders and arms of the victim
and leave itchy red welts.

Bed bugs themselves are brownish, flattened insects measuring about 1/5 of an inch. They rarely appear in
the light, and they live in hidden places like the bed frame, crevices between the floor and wall, drawers and
even picture frames.

Once Modesto bedbugs have established residence, getting rid of them is difficult. Bed bugs are adept at
hiding in small spaces and can be difficult to reach. They are reportedly resistant to nearly half of the 300
pesticides approved for their elimination. Even effective pesticides can make infestations more difficult to
control if they are applied incorrectly.