Fumigation is a highly specialized field, and Step Aside Pest Management employs a team of fumigation
experts who are certified, trained and experienced. 

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to find out more about how regular fumigation can keep pest populations low.

Specialized Pest Control Fumigation Services

Fumigation involves sealing a facility or part of a facility and introducing a gas to reduce the pest population. 

Step Aside Pest Management typically performs fumigation as an adjunct to regular pest control services if pest
activity is exceeding the customer’s threshold level. In fact, some customers request fumigation on a routine basis
to ensure keeping pest populations low.

When fumigation is necessary, Step Aside Pest Management handles notifying your local authorities for permits.

Step Aside Pest Management performs fumigation in settings such as:

  • Warehouses – for stored product pests and rodents.
  • Food Processing Plants – for stored product pests.
  • Commodity Storage Facilities (Grain Bins and Flats) – for grain beetles.
  • Hotels/Apartments – for bedbugs.
  • ISPM15 – for wood pallets and crates.

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