General Pest Control

Pest control in the commercial environment presents unique challenges. The presence of insect and rodent pests
in a business is not only embarrassing, it
  • leads to the loss of current and potential customers and
  • lowers employee morale and productivity.

In high tech areas such as computer rooms or control panels, the presence of insect and rodent pests can lead to

  • loss of data.
  • equipment malfunction.
  • structural damage due to fires.

A business cannot afford to take chances when selecting a pest control service. The Commercial Division of Step
Aside Pest Management can:

  • free you from pest worries.
  • save you valuable time and money.
  • implement a specialized pest elimination plan, designed specifically for your business.

The trained technicians in our Commercial Division specialize in commercial service work. Not only are they educated
in both the classroom and field, they have the equipment necessary to ensure that pest problems are eliminated.
Commercial technicians focus only on pest control in businesses and do not service residential accounts. Their training,
their equipment, their schedule, and even their vehicle is different from our residential specialists. Step Aside Pest
Management Commercial Consultants are the most knowledgeable in the industry to inspect property and determine a
pest elimination program.


Contact Step Aside Pest Management, Inc. to protect your commercial investment.