Spider Control

Spiders can bring out a fearful reaction in many people. Spider bites can do substantial harm.
While spiders are generally beneficial, consuming a significant number of insects that would
otherwise infest the home, we don’t need to have spiders living in our environment to do their job.

When spiders come into contact with humans, we may often sense the worst. Although the vast
majority of spider encounters are harmless, the occasional exception should not be taken for
granted. Spider bites can sometimes be painful and have lasting effects. Their presence in the
home can cause a variety of problems. Spiders present a challenge to our sense of security and
well being, from spider bites and cobwebs to sometimes overwhelming and debilitating fear.

Spiders can be frustrating to live with and to treat. Spiders are prolific breeders and spread quickly.
They often hide in inconvenient places, only discovered when going through old boxes, while cleaning
and, occasionally while doing normal activities around the home.

Step Aside Pest Management solution for spiders is comprehensive and effective. We will inspect your
entire property, with the goal of a full targeted treatment for spiders. Inside your home, we will work with
equal precision and care, targeting spiders, without needless pesticide and potential adverse harm to
family members. Hard to reach or secluded areas are also a concern. Together with Step Aside Pest
Management, a pest control plan and cleaning strategy can be put in place to eliminate spiders and
spider harborage areas.