Structural Fumigation

In situations where termites are inaccessible to secondary methods, tenting your home or office
is a surefire way to guarantee total termite knockdown. Inspection begins with a licensed termite
inspector providing a full inspection of your residence and property. During the inspection, the
source of all termite evidence will be inspected and problem areas will be identified, as well as
potential termite harborages. Your termite inspector will create a termite report and a customized
plan of action for the fumigation of your structure.

The state of California has only approved heat treatments and fumigation as primary treatments
for termites. Local treatments can eliminate isolated infestations of termites, but for complete
control we offer heat treatments and full struture fumigation. After inspection, your technician will
advise you of all wood destroying pest findings and determine which types of treatments are the
best solution to control your infestation.

Each year, about 100,000 fumigations are conducted each year in California. Costs for termite
control and repair of damage from drywood termites in California exceeds $300 million annually
and are projected to increase! Scientists have shown that fumigation is a reliable and complete
method for elimination of infestations of drywood termites and other pests such as wood-destroying
beetles and bed bugs.