Termite Control

There's no doubt that fire and weather cause a devastating amount of damage. And each disaster that
occurs is highly dramatic and emotional. Less dramatic- but no less disastrous- is the damage caused
by termites. In fact, termites cause more than 750 million dollars in damage every year. That's more than
all fires, storms, tornadoes, earthquakes and hurricanes combined.

Unlike fire and weather catastrophes, termite damage begins slowly and may remain undiscovered for
years. During those years, termites will leave an undetected path of destruction-eating away from the
inside at everything from the rafters in your attic to the cabinets in your kitchen.

Step Aside Pest Managment has been providing Pest Control Management for over 15 years.
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Our technicians are fully licensed by the state and trained in the latest in pest control techniques, which
enables us to customize effective treatment plans for every situation.